Surf With Baby Turtles in November and December

November and December are the beginning of my favorite time of the year in Nicaragua. The rainy season is over, everything is green and beautiful, the waves are cute and groomed by offshore winds, but the best part… Read More

The 80/20 Lifestyle by Kris Wilcox

Kris Wilcox is a surfer, yoga teacher, massage therapist and life coach from San Diego who also happened to be one of the most colorful characters we’ve ever had at a retreat. She is energetic, full of stories,… Read More

Mother Daughter Trip To Suave Dulce

Paula Bedo decided to bring her mom with her on a Surf Yoga Adventure trip with Suave Dulce to Nicaragua. Paula’s mom Claudia had never tried surfing, yoga, or been on a big adventure without her husband. They… Read More

High School Students Give Back With Suave Dulce

A group of 17 high school kids from High Tech High in San Diego came down to Nicaragua with Suave Dulce for the trip of a lifetime. They learned to surf, did yoga, went horseback riding on the… Read More

Ruth Gained Surfing Confidence at Suave Dulce

Ruth doesn’t look like a “Ruth”, so we started calling her “Adriana”. She’s cute and sassy with the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a surfer – definitely not what I imagined someone named “Ruth” to look like…. Read More

Learn to Do a Handstand Safely

Handstands are cool. I learned to do a handstand the old-fashioned way – by putting both hands in the sand and then kicking my feet over my head. Practice, practice, practice, and now I can do a decent… Read More

Cydney Gurvich – Meet Your Yoga Teacher

Cydney Gurvich: “I initially sought yoga as a physical balance to enhance my surfing, snowboarding, basketball, and other high impact sports; I soon discovered yoga as a deep and transformative practice in my life. I developed a deeper… Read More

High Tech High Students – Volunteer, Surf, Yoga, Adventure

Imagine this for your winter break in High School – two awesome teachers take you and 16 of your friends down to Northern Nicaragua for an incredible week of surfing, yoga, horseback riding, volcano boarding, and helping the… Read More

Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Video Highlights

Want to join us on the next Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Retreat? Check out the schedule for upcoming dates through March 2012, we may add more dates for April and June soon, stay tuned…. Schedule

Learning to Surf is Easy

Who says it’s difficult to learn to surf? Not Lauren Dombowsky….