Jessica Bellofatto – Yoga Teacher for October Retreats in El Salvador

Jessica came on a retreat to Northern Nicaragua in January and had an amazing time. She was really fun to hang out with, was shredding in the water, and happened to let me know that she has been… Read More

Cyd Gurvich Does Yoga and Shreds in El Salvador

Cyd Gurvich is from Vancouver, Canada. She spent the season in Nicaragua with Suave Dulce, scoring super fun waves and teaching yoga.  Her surfing improved so much and the last two weeks in El Salvador she took it… Read More

Learn to Do a Handstand Safely

Handstands are cool. I learned to do a handstand the old-fashioned way – by putting both hands in the sand and then kicking my feet over my head. Practice, practice, practice, and now I can do a decent… Read More

Cydney Gurvich – Meet Your Yoga Teacher

Cydney Gurvich: “I initially sought yoga as a physical balance to enhance my surfing, snowboarding, basketball, and other high impact sports; I soon discovered yoga as a deep and transformative practice in my life. I developed a deeper… Read More

Nicole DeLeon – Yoga Teacher for July 2011 Retreats

Introducing Nicole DeLeon…