Big Boards, Flowing Arms, Estuary Antics, and Iguana Orgies

At Amigas Surf Retreats we celebrate hilariousness. It is about surfing and yoga and adventure, but it’s the silliness that occurs along the way that truly exemplifies what we’re all about. This group was one of the most… Read More

Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Video Highlights

Want to join us on the next Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Retreat? Check out the schedule for upcoming dates through March 2012, we may add more dates for April and June soon, stay tuned…. Schedule

Volcano Boarding is So Fun!

Volcano boarding is the most interesting thing you can do in Nicaragua. I could try to explain what it’s all about and why it is so fun, but it’s probably better if you just watch the video and… Read More

Threesome at Coco Loco – Photo Slideshow