Lindsay and Jinx Become Whitewash Buddies

Lindsay is a copy writer and musician living in NY. Jinx is a hilarious British documentarian. The two met up for the first time at Suave Dulce and became inseparable in the water. Between free use of air… Read More

Good Deeds Lead To Great Waves

I believe in Karma. Good deeds are rewarded. Positive vibes multiply. Giving back to a community is rewarded with big smiles and good waves. This week seemed to prove all those points. Ten friends spent a morning painting… Read More

High School Students Give Back With Suave Dulce

A group of 17 high school kids from High Tech High in San Diego came down to Nicaragua with Suave Dulce for the trip of a lifetime. They learned to surf, did yoga, went horseback riding on the… Read More

Ruth Gained Surfing Confidence at Suave Dulce

Ruth doesn’t look like a “Ruth”, so we started calling her “Adriana”. She’s cute and sassy with the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on a surfer – definitely not what I imagined someone named “Ruth” to look like…. Read More

Cydney Gurvich – Meet Your Yoga Teacher

Cydney Gurvich: “I initially sought yoga as a physical balance to enhance my surfing, snowboarding, basketball, and other high impact sports; I soon discovered yoga as a deep and transformative practice in my life. I developed a deeper… Read More

New Surf Instructor – Meet Jackie George

Jackie George is hanging out with Suave Dulce and ready to become your new favorite amiga! She learned to surf as a kid at San Onofre, growing up in the wave rich town of San Clemente, CA. After… Read More

A Week at Suave Dulce Changed Everything

Brandy is a graphic designer from San Francisco that has been surfing for a few years. On day 1 she was riding whitewash like a champ and inspiring all the other ladies. By day 6 however, she was… Read More

Learning to Surf is Easy

Who says it’s difficult to learn to surf? Not Lauren Dombowsky….

Longboarding at the Bay

The Bay is the place that we’ll surf mostly during retreats in Nicaragua. It’s a super fun spot with lefts, rights, awesome whitewash for beginners, rippable peaks for intermediate surfers, warm water, and only a handful of smiling… Read More

November Surf Coaching Retreat Highlight video

Check out this awesome video of an amazing group of ladies! This group was especially fun for me with two returning amigas. Marcia came to Suave Dulce for the first time in January 2011, and Corine in July… Read More