Laura Gets Super Long Waves on Her Second Retreat With Suave Dulce

Laura came on her first retreat to Nicaragua last year and couldn’t even read waves. She learned a lot and by her second retreat in El Salvador she was getting super long waves all the way down the… Read More

Surfing and Soccer with Mariah Almond

Mariah is from Texas where the waves don’t get very good very often. She came to her first Suave Dulce retreat in Nicaragua last year, spent a lot more time surfing afterwards, and came back for another retreat… Read More

Surfing for Pupusas in El Salvador

Pupusas are delicious treats- Tortillas filled with cheese and an assortment of other fillings, fried on an outdoor grill, enjoyed by saucy amigas after surfing a long right point break in El Salvador.

Early Morning at Las Flores

Day 1 of our first retreat in El Salvador with Suave Dulce alumni. We got up early, had too much coffee, paddled out, and totally scored!Cheer for the amigas and get excited about your trip!

Heather Used a Transition Period in Her Life to Reconnect With Surfing

Heather Finlayson is going through a transition period in her life. She’s in her last year of law school, just got out of a serious long-term relationship, and needed a break from real life to evaluate where she… Read More

How To Make Tortillas While Surfing in Nicaragua

Question: How do you keep from making the tortillas too thick? Answer: Lots of pounding! *laughter* Crystal and Jacquie demonstrate how to make tortillas in between catching super cute waves in Nicaragua.

Former Ballet Dancer Learns To Read Waves in Nicaragua

Renate is a former professional dancer who thrives on physical challenges. She recently learned to surf along with her 10 year daughter and absolutely loved it. After stumbling upon the Suave Dulce camp on the internet she signed… Read More

It Feels Fantastical

Yonghee learned to surf at a different surf camp in Nicaragua a year ago but didn’t feel like she really learned properly. She came to Suave Dulce wanting to un-learn and re-learn everything. By the third day she… Read More

Lindsay and Jinx Become Whitewash Buddies

Lindsay is a copy writer and musician living in NY. Jinx is a hilarious British documentarian. The two met up for the first time at Suave Dulce and became inseparable in the water. Between free use of air… Read More

Mother Daughter Trip To Suave Dulce

Paula Bedo decided to bring her mom with her on a Surf Yoga Adventure trip with Suave Dulce to Nicaragua. Paula’s mom Claudia had never tried surfing, yoga, or been on a big adventure without her husband. They… Read More