Intermediate Amigas In El Salvador Part 2

I rarely post two videos covering the first three days of a retreat, but we’ve been scoring in El Salvador. Thanks to video feedback analyzed after every session, these girls are seriously improving, starting to do deeper bottom… Read More

Learn to Surf with Amigas

Our location in Northern Nicaragua is an awesome place to learn to surf. The waves break far out and gently roll towards shore making it really easy to figure out how to stand up and ride them all… Read More

Surf With Baby Turtles in November and December

November and December are the beginning of my favorite time of the year in Nicaragua. The rainy season is over, everything is green and beautiful, the waves are cute and groomed by offshore winds, but the best part… Read More

Meet Amiga Jackie George

Jackie George is my new best female friend. Last November I got a random email from her saying she was a lifeguard, raft guide, and enthusiastic surfer looking for a couple weeks of work in Central America. She… Read More

Jackie Talks About Why El Salvador is So Awesome

Jackie George is one of the awesome instructors at Amigas Surf Retreats. She’s 23 years old from San Clemente, CA. She’s a stylish cruisey regular-footer who fell in love with the long rights of Las Flores on her… Read More

Surf Yoga Adventure in the Philippines

Let’s go somewhere new! Introducing a brand new destination outside of Central America! April 14-21 and 22-29 2013 we’ll be escorting a group of 8-10 ladies each week to a secret hideaway in the Philippines. We’ll be staying… Read More

Big Boards, Flowing Arms, Estuary Antics, and Iguana Orgies

At Amigas Surf Retreats we celebrate hilariousness. It is about surfing and yoga and adventure, but it’s the silliness that occurs along the way that truly exemplifies what we’re all about. This group was one of the most… Read More

Alison Rides Big Kid Waves and Learns Hot Dance Moves

Alison had tried to learn to surf at another surf camp but didn’t learn how to ride a “big kid wave” until coming to surf with Amigas. Along the way she also learned some surprisingly hot dance moves… Read More

Amazing Truck Rides and Arm Wrestling with Steph

Steph Wilson works a corporate job in San Francisco, speaks fluent Spanish, and gets excited about arm wrestling. She likes riding in the back of muddy trucks and stylish riding of longboards on long fun rights. Yew!

The 80/20 Lifestyle by Kris Wilcox

Kris Wilcox is a surfer, yoga teacher, massage therapist and life coach from San Diego who also happened to be one of the most colorful characters we’ve ever had at a retreat. She is energetic, full of stories,… Read More