Beautiful Friends on Longboards

Jackie, Jamie, and Holly took out a new 9’2 Equinox longboard with a GoPro mount on the nose for a sunset session and captured some super cute moving pictures.

Amazing Truck Rides and Arm Wrestling with Steph

Steph Wilson works a corporate job in San Francisco, speaks fluent Spanish, and gets excited about arm wrestling. She likes riding in the back of muddy trucks and stylish riding of longboards on long fun rights. Yew!

Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Video Highlights

Want to join us on the next Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Retreat? Check out the schedule for upcoming dates through March 2012, we may add more dates for April and June soon, stay tuned…. Schedule

Longboarding at the Bay

The Bay is the place that we’ll surf mostly during retreats in Nicaragua. It’s a super fun spot with lefts, rights, awesome whitewash for beginners, rippable peaks for intermediate surfers, warm water, and only a handful of smiling… Read More

Surf Coaching Session Videos

By watching these two videos you can see how much the ladies improved during their week-long surf coaching session. Check it out! 1. 2.

Corine and Ako talk about the Waves in Nicaragua

Longboarding With Friends at Coco Loco

Just a little taste of the Coco Loco lifestyle. Enjoy!