Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Video Highlights

Want to join us on the next Learn to Surf, Yoga, Adventure Retreat? Check out the schedule for upcoming dates through March 2012, we may add more dates for April and June soon, stay tuned…. Schedule

Learning to Surf is Easy

Who says it’s difficult to learn to surf? Not Lauren Dombowsky….

Briana Baud Fell in Love at Suave Dulce

November Surf Coaching Retreat Highlight video

Check out this awesome video of an amazing group of ladies! This group was especially fun for me with two returning amigas. Marcia came to Suave Dulce for the first time in January 2011, and Corine in July… Read More

Surf Coaching Session Videos

By watching these two videos you can see how much the ladies improved during their week-long surf coaching session. Check it out! 1. 2.

Corine and Ako talk about the Waves in Nicaragua

Ako Matsuzaki’s Thank You Letter

To Suave Dulce, I just wanted to quickly pop in say a huge – and I mean HUGE thank you for a making my first trip to Nicaragua a trip I will never forget. What a treat it… Read More

Stacey Jones at Suave Dulce

Stacey did a lot of research and decided that based on price, location, and activities, Suave Dulce is the best Surf and Yoga Retreat out there! She came with high expectations and was still surprised by how awesome… Read More

Waves For All Skill Levels in Nicaragua

Filippa Ferrara Fears Bugs but Overcame in Nicaragua

20 year old Filippa Ferrara on her first trip to Nicaragua.