Surf Sisters – Groundswell Grief Healing

My sister passed away in November of 2019 and the first thing I did was run to the ocean. It was also the second and the third thing I did, the only way I found to ease the… Read More

Legitimacy of Surf Therapy

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I don’t know about you, but surfing has saved me so many times in my life. Surfing has helped ease the pain of a breakup, the hopelessness of crippling grief, and even helped me get clarity on some… Read More

Surfing Is Therapy

Surfing is healing. As Carly Rogers tells us in the video, there re infinite possibilities to heal. As surfers, we know the bliss of paddling out. Each paddle stoke takes us further from the beach and our worries…. Read More

Surf Coaching for Women in Costa Rica

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With borders still closed to international tourists, Costa Rica has been focusing on domestic tourism. My standard gig with Surf With Amigas relies on international tourists – primarily Americans. So lately, I’ve been focused on virtual surf coaching… Read More

Learn All About Surfboards and Fins with Holly Beck

Holly Beck, surfboards, learn about surfboards, online coaching, surf coach

Surfboards are incredibly complicated. There are so many little differences that all work together to contribute to the feel of your ride. Length, width, thickness are just the beginning. There’s also bottom contour, tail shape, rail shape, materials,… Read More

Holly Beck Offers Online Pop-Up Clinic

holly beck, surf coach, popup clinic, how to pop up on a surfboard, online coaching

Pop-Up Clinic The popup is the most important maneuver in surfing in that it sets up your entire ride. A good popup will set you off cruising down the line whereas a bad popup will consistently hold back… Read More

Longboard Nose Ride Selfies in Costa Rica

holly beck, nose ride, such coach, surf coaching, Costa Rica

On a nice sunny day in Costa Rica, I took the longboard out for a few long glides. It sure is nice to be in Costa Rica right now. I certainly would prefer to go back to a… Read More

Holly Tests Out the Body Glove Breathe Surf Leggings

I’ve been rocking Body Glove swimwear since I was 17. The company focuses on creating women’s swim, surf, and active wear that is super functional as well as super cute. For many years I was active in helping… Read More

Holly Demonstrates Backside Tube Riding

The backside tube ride is a particularly difficult maneuver requiring strength, flexibility, and fearlessness. When well executed there are few greater feelings. When poorly executed you can count on a sore neck! Here Holly demonstrates the proper technique… Read More

One Wave, One Turn, Holly Beck on a Rusty Dwart

This was my first ever session on what became one of my favorite surfboards – the Rusty Dwart. It’s still one of the funnest boards I’ve ever ridden. Flashback courtesy of