Corine Scores the Waves of Her Life on Her Third Retreat

Corine is a Suave Dulce addict. She learned to surf while growing up in Hawaii but never really mastered it. She came on her first retreat in July and learned more in one week than she did over… Read More

Sharon Gets Her First Green Wave

Sharon is a writer from New York who learned to surf for the first time with Suave Dulce in Nicaragua. She came back for another retreat a year later and achieved her goal of catching a green wave…. Read More

Kelly Latimer’s Sun Protected Surfing Outfit

Kelly Latimer is an inspirational character. She flies jets as a test pilot and was one step away from becoming an astronaut. She’s super smart, super funny, and super fun to hang out with! A member of the… Read More

Cyd Gurvich Does Yoga and Shreds in El Salvador

Cyd Gurvich is from Vancouver, Canada. She spent the season in Nicaragua with Suave Dulce, scoring super fun waves and teaching yoga.  Her surfing improved so much and the last two weeks in El Salvador she took it… Read More

El Salvador Surf Yoga Adventure Retreat

Long Rights and Volcanic Mud Bathing! If you have already mastered riding whitewash and want to catch your first green wave, if you’ve already caught a bunch of green waves and want to learn how to cutback, if… Read More

Laura Gets Super Long Waves on Her Second Retreat With Suave Dulce

Laura came on her first retreat to Nicaragua last year and couldn’t even read waves. She learned a lot and by her second retreat in El Salvador she was getting super long waves all the way down the… Read More

Surfing and Soccer with Mariah Almond

Mariah is from Texas where the waves don’t get very good very often. She came to her first Suave Dulce retreat in Nicaragua last year, spent a lot more time surfing afterwards, and came back for another retreat… Read More

Surfing for Pupusas in El Salvador

Pupusas are delicious treats- Tortillas filled with cheese and an assortment of other fillings, fried on an outdoor grill, enjoyed by saucy amigas after surfing a long right point break in El Salvador.

Holly Beck Gets a Super Cute Wave in El Salvador

If you’ve been on a retreat then you know that waves can be cute. I started describing waves that way during surf lessons as a reaction to ladies looking at a little wave and saying, “it looks scary!”… Read More

Early Morning at Las Flores

Day 1 of our first retreat in El Salvador with Suave Dulce alumni. We got up early, had too much coffee, paddled out, and totally scored!Cheer for the amigas and get excited about your trip!