Returning Amigas Show the Secrets to Improving

The secret to improving is to come on a retreat with us, then go home, practice, and come back again! Seriously though, the true secret to improving is having a great attitude. On our last couple retreats in… Read More

The Best Surfing Mindset For Improving

Recently we had an Amiga from Western Australia visit us for a week in El Salvador. She had quit her job and decided to embark on a journey around the world to surf and explore. You can read… Read More

This is What Awesomeness Looks Like

We think we are awesome. We’re silly. We like pink, and blue, and stripes. We like making up stories, doing cutbacks, and going for long walks on the beach. We ride longboards. We shred on shortboards. We surf,… Read More

Amigas Get Silly in Small Waves

Part of surfing is knowing that the waves will not always be overhead and perfect. Sometimes it’s small. Sometimes it’s windy. Sometimes it’s crowded. If you’ve got a longer board and a silly attitude, none of that matters… Read More

Natural Spa Treatment

The surf was flat yesterday.. so some Amigas and I spent the day in the cloud forest of El Salvador for a little adventure. The Laguna de Alegría at the top of the inactive volcano offers a spa… Read More

Surfboard Reviews – The Rusty Dwart

Picking the right surfboard can be challenging. Ideally you’d test drive before you buy, but unfortunately that’s rarely an option. I get a lot of ladies asking me for advice on the perfect board. It seems that most… Read More

Intermediate Amigas in El Salvador

A few times a year we offer super surf focused (with some yoga thrown in) retreats for Amigas who either already came to a womens surf yoga retreat Nicaragua or can prove that they know how to surf,… Read More

Jackie Talks About Why El Salvador is So Awesome

Jackie George is one of the awesome instructors at Amigas Surf Retreats. She’s 23 years old from San Clemente, CA. She’s a stylish cruisey regular-footer who fell in love with the long rights of Las Flores on her… Read More

Surf El Salvador with Holly and Amigas October 2012

Holly demonstrates shredding techniques on the awesome rights of Las Flores in El Salvador. The waves are long and so user-friendly. You must sample them for yourself! If you’re interested, we have two weeks available: Oct 13-20 and… Read More

Jessica Bellofatto – Yoga Teacher for October Retreats in El Salvador

Jessica came on a retreat to Northern Nicaragua in January and had an amazing time. She was really fun to hang out with, was shredding in the water, and happened to let me know that she has been… Read More