Surf Therapy

The ocean as healer…

Surf Therapy is for everyone

            The ocean is the most healing place I know. After a decade spent teaching women to surf and noticing the ways that personal issues can come out in surfing, I realized that the ocean can be a proxy for learning to overcome fear, find tools to deal with anxiety, ease depression, and heal trauma. I’ll always love teaching someone to stand up on a surfboard, but now, addressing the mental health aspect has become a new passion.

I’m currently studying for a Masters in Clinical Counseling and have taken a Surf Therapy Facilitator Training with Groundswell Community Project. My mission is to include evidence-based mental health therapy interventions into a holistic surf and lifestyle coaching program. 

  • Empowerment and support
  • Tools for overcoming anxiety/fear
  • Processing past traumas
  • Increasing self-knowledge
  • Manifesting your goals
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