Online Surf Courses

Holly has a variety of online surf courses that had been available via an online learning platform that is no longer operating. If you’d like access to the content, she is happy to share on a donation basis. Send an email request to

Current options are: Popup Clinic, Surf University 101, Surf University 102, How to Read Waves, and How to Nose Ride

See below for previews of the various classes:

Pop-Up Clinic

I recommend this course for surfers of all ability levels. The popup is the most important maneuver in surfing in that it sets up your entire ride. A good popup will set you off down the line whereas a bad popup will consistently hold back your surfing. The good thing is that an excellent popup can be trained and is probably the easiest thing in surfing to fix. In this course I have a starting lecture that will go over all the elements of a solid popup. I’ll mention some common errors people make and how to avoid them. I’ll demonstrate ways to practice on land. THEN, you’ll have the opportunity to film yourself, send me clips, and I’ll give you personalized feedback. We will go back and forth until you get it! I have additional videos to add for better understanding as we go.

For more info and to sign up for this class, click here. If you don’t see an available start date that works for you, send me a message for a custom class.

How To Nose Ride

If you are a beginner to advanced beginner long boarder, or even consider yourself intermediate but are looking for some tips to make your ability to nose ride more consistent, then this course is for you. I’ll go over the detailed mechanics of how nose riding works including the right wave to look for and the right board and fin type to choose to make it easiest. I’ll talk about different options of how to set up the wave and how to approach the nose ride. There are also some tips for practicing on land. Included is a video on how to read waves to assist you in figuring out what to look for when you’re looking at a lineup and individual waves.

For more info and to sign up for this class, click here. If you don’t see an available start date that works for you, send me a message for a custom class.

Surf University 101 – Advanced Etiquette, How to Read a Surf Forecast, Stories of Overcoming Fear

This course is for everyone, beginner to advanced. The course is usually held over a ten day period and is comprised of three parts that make up a strong foundation of surf knowledge. None of the lectures are live, tune in whenever you have time.

Advanced Etiquette – This lecture goes beyond the standard “whoever is closest to the breaking part of the wave has right of way”, and delves into the various grey-area situations. It also includes how to get out of the way when paddling back out, and tips for catching more waves in a crowded lineup.

How to Read a Surf Forecast – This lecture dives deep into how the numbers on a surf forecast are generated and exactly what they mean. I’ll break down the differences between short and long period, how different land features affect the shape of waves, and how to know what to look for when you look at a forecast based on the waves that you like to surf.

Stories of Overcoming Fear – I tell four stories of times where I thought I was going to die in the surf and what I learned from each of them which offers useful tips for how you can approach surfing bigger waves and tools for staying safe and overcoming fear in out-of-control situations.

To sign up for this course, click here.

Surf University 102 – All about Surfboards and Fins

If you have wanted to really understand the differences between surfboards and fins, this class is for you. I’ll get into the physics of what makes a surfboard work which will help you understand how the different bottom contours, rail shapes and tail shapes change the performance of a board. With fins, we’ll talk about all the various differences in number, size, shape, and orientation that will affect your ride. There are also some bonus videos where I break down my working quiver and why I’ve chosen each board, and some tips on how to shop for a surfboard for yourself and look like you know what you’re talking about.

To sign up for this class, click here.

How To Read Waves

This video is very useful particularly to beginner surfers, but also advanced beginners or anyone who feels they have a hard time understanding what to look for when trying to decide what a wave will do, where it will break, when it might close out, etc. Reading waves is a skill that is developed over many years, but this video will attempt to give you a shortcut to figuring it out.

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