Hayla on Horses, Volcanoes, Iguanas, and Overcoming Fear

Hayla is the youngest of five sisters of which Holly Beck is the oldest. She learned to surf at 7 years old, but got annoyed by too many wipeouts and quit. At 19 years old, she came to Nicaragua to Surf With Amigas and rediscovered her love of surfing.

Alison Rides Big Kid Waves and Learns Hot Dance Moves

Alison had tried to learn to surf at another surf camp but didn’t learn how to ride a “big kid wave” until coming to surf with Amigas. Along the way she also learned some surprisingly hot dance moves at a mother’s day celebration, rode horses, and made a bunch of new amigas. Stoked!

Amazing Truck Rides and Arm Wrestling with Steph

Steph Wilson works a corporate job in San Francisco, speaks fluent Spanish, and gets excited about arm wrestling. She likes riding in the back of muddy trucks and stylish riding of longboards on long fun rights. Yew!

Rox Disobeys Her Strict Parents to Go Surfing

Rox grew up in the Philippines with strict parents that claimed surfing was too dangerous. When she was 27 she moved to San Francisco and as soon as she got a car she also got a surfboard, and finally followed her dream of learning to surf. Two years later, she is loving her life spent in the ocean as much as possible. She came to Nicaragua to improve and loved it, especially the horseback riding.

I grew up in Southern California but my mom also thought surfing was too dangerous for a nice young lady. Fortunately I only had to wait until I was 15 and I had friends with cars until I could disobey my parents and go surfing. I was so inspired to hear Rox’s story because I could definitely relate.

It’s never too late, and anything is possible!

Chelsea Rides a 6’1 Fish in Nicaragua

Chelsea Denning is a 27 year old shortboarder from Southern California. She came to Nicaragua to improve her surfing and went from riding a 6’6 to a 6’1 fish. She made new surfing friends, checked out an awkward mother’s day celebration nica-style, and had an amazing time.

Family Bonding Adventure with Suave Dulce

10 year old Olivia narrates her family’s experience at Suave Dulce. Olivia’s mom came down on a retreat in February and totally loved (click here for the video of her first experience) it so she brought the whole family down a few months later. They surfed together, rode horses, and had an amazing time.

A Couple From Canada Experiences Suave Dulce


Eveline and Vaughn came down to Nicaragua to learn to surf together. They cheered each other on through wipeouts and hand stands, were super impressed with the food and company, and are inspired to come back again!

Nadine Uses Water polo Muscles For Shredding

Nadine Janker is a tough German girl who played water polo in high school and built up some serious arm muscles and water comfort. She started the week in the whitewash, paid her dues with a few awesome wipeouts, but quickly progressed to riding overhead green waves! She is hilarious, charged to the top of a volcano, grabbed a real Nicaraguan machete, and proved that with determination and confidence anything is possible!

Corine Scores the Waves of Her Life on Her Third Retreat

Corine is a Suave Dulce addict. She learned to surf while growing up in Hawaii but never really mastered it. She came on her first retreat in July and learned more in one week than she did over several years in Hawaii. She came back again in November and took the progress even further. By her third retreat in El Salvador she was paddling herself into overhead green waves and even starting to walk the nose. So awesome!

Sharon Gets Her First Green Wave

Sharon is a writer from New York who learned to surf for the first time with Suave Dulce in Nicaragua. She came back for another retreat a year later and achieved her goal of catching a green wave. She says her boyfriend calls her a “determined little monkey” and I can see where the nickname came from. Go Sharon!

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