Surf Sisters – Groundswell Grief Healing

An inspirational story of surf therapy with Groundswell Community Project

My sister passed away in November of 2019 and the first thing I did was run to the ocean. It was also the second and the third thing I did, the only way I found to ease the pain. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a twin, but this story is inspiring.

Healing Happens in Waves

Healing Happens In Waves – Waves of Wellness from Waves of Wellness on Vimeo.

In researching other surf therapy providers, this one in Australia – Waves of Wellness – really caught my eye. They provide surf therapy programs for all ages for people struggling with more serious mental health issues as well as offering members of the surf community a healthy outlet for connection. I was incredibly inspired by this film describing their program.

Legitimacy of Surf Therapy

holly beck, surf therapy, Mamala wetsuits

I don’t know about you, but surfing has saved me so many times in my life. Surfing has helped ease the pain of a breakup, the hopelessness of crippling grief, and even helped me get clarity on some problem that needed to be solved. It helps me feel confidence and strength, humility and gratitude. Surfers know that surfing is healing but now the science is providing the official evidence.

holly beck, surf therapy

Surfing makes me happy. How about you?

An article in Stab magazine recently stated the following:

‘Surf Therapy’ is a direct response to the gaps in mental healthcare services that don’t resonate with everyone or offer the kind of support that is sometimes needed. Unlike checking yourself into a clinic, surfing is relatively approachable and free from stigma, which are often major barriers to seeking mental healthcare. Read More

Surfing Is Therapy

Surfing is healing. As Carly Rogers tells us in the video, there re infinite possibilities to heal. As surfers, we know the bliss of paddling out. Each paddle stoke takes us further from the beach and our worries. Our bodies and minds are engaged in the beauty of the present moment and nothing else matters.

I recently came across this video describing the idea of surf therapy and wanted to share.

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