This is What Awesomeness Looks Like

We think we are awesome.
We’re silly. We like pink, and blue, and stripes.
We like making up stories, doing cutbacks, and going for long walks on the beach.
We ride longboards. We shred on shortboards.
We surf, we do yoga, we laugh, we dance. We encourage back flips and water fights.
You should come surf with us…
Because we are awesome!

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Amigas Get Silly in Small Waves

Part of surfing is knowing that the waves will not always be overhead and perfect. Sometimes it’s small. Sometimes it’s windy. Sometimes it’s crowded. If you’ve got a longer board and a silly attitude, none of that matters and you’ll always have a good time.
Our first few days in El Salvador this week have been a little bit on the smaller side. There’s a good swell coming in a few days, but we passed the time waiting by getting super silly with friends, and doing yoga!

Intermediate Amigas In El Salvador Part 2

I rarely post two videos covering the first three days of a retreat, but we’ve been scoring in El Salvador. Thanks to video feedback analyzed after every session, these girls are seriously improving, starting to do deeper bottom turns, cutbacks, and even some top turns. It’s so fun to watch!

Intermediate Amigas in El Salvador

A few times a year we offer super surf focused (with some yoga thrown in) retreats for Amigas who either already came to a womens surf yoga retreat Nicaragua or can prove that they know how to surf, but want to improve. This group is one of the best we’ve ever had, which makes it really fun and easy for me! It feels just like a surf trip with friends! Check out the awesome shredding at the super user-friendly wave called Las Flores in El Salvador! This footage is only from the first day. Wait til you see what happened later in the week after all the video feedback!

Jackie Talks About Why El Salvador is So Awesome

Jackie George is one of the awesome instructors at Amigas Surf Retreats. She’s 23 years old from San Clemente, CA. She’s a stylish cruisey regular-footer who fell in love with the long rights of Las Flores on her first trip to El Salvador and is super excited about heading back in October. Join Jackie and Amigas Oct 13-20 and 21-28.

Surf El Salvador with Holly and Amigas October 2012

Holly demonstrates shredding techniques on the awesome rights of Las Flores in El Salvador. The waves are long and so user-friendly. You must sample them for yourself! If you’re interested, we have two weeks available: Oct 13-20 and 21-28. Email for booking info! Hope to shred with you soon!

Sharon Gets Her First Green Wave

Sharon is a writer from New York who learned to surf for the first time with Suave Dulce in Nicaragua. She came back for another retreat a year later and achieved her goal of catching a green wave. She says her boyfriend calls her a “determined little monkey” and I can see where the nickname came from. Go Sharon!

Kelly Latimer’s Sun Protected Surfing Outfit

Kelly Latimer is an inspirational character. She flies jets as a test pilot and was one step away from becoming an astronaut. She’s super smart, super funny, and super fun to hang out with! A member of the Huntington Beach based women’s surfing club Wahine Kai, she came to the very first Suave Dulce retreat when it was held at the infamous House Hunters house! All the girls were super fired up to get in the water right out of the airport taxi and rushed out into the warm ocean. Before I had even gotten all the girls organized with boards, wax, leashes, etc., I was informed that we already had an injury. What?! Kelly had somehow broken something in her leg. She was an absolute trooper, thinking it was just a sprained ankle, she carried on and walked all over the place and surfed in a tripod style (that I would copy when I broke my foot a year later). To see footage of her first trip:

She needed redemption! She came back to El Salvador and I actually got to see her stand and ride. She was ripping. See video at the top of the post.

Cyd Gurvich Does Yoga and Shreds in El Salvador

Cyd Gurvich is from Vancouver, Canada. She spent the season in Nicaragua with Suave Dulce, scoring super fun waves and teaching yoga.  Her surfing improved so much and the last two weeks in El Salvador she took it to a whole new level, doing cutbacks and sneaking into some little tubes. If you’re in Canada and want to do yoga with an awesome teacher who also surfs, check out her website: Sukhaline

El Salvador Surf Yoga Adventure Retreat

Long Rights and Volcanic Mud Bathing! If you have already mastered riding whitewash and want to catch your first green wave, if you’ve already caught a bunch of green waves and want to learn how to cutback, if you know how to turn and want to get tubed…. this is the retreat for you!

Las flores is one of the longest, most playful, user-friendly waves i’ve ever surfed. Check out what a retreat in El Salvador is all about by clicking play above!


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