Galloping on the Beach

If you’ve been to one of our Northern Nicaragua retreats then you know, galloping on the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. People are often nervous about it. We get plenty of ladies who haven’t been on a horse since they were a kid, or even never. They’re nervous about being able to control such a big powerful animal. But the horses we use are super well trained. They know the beach, they know the drill, and they love to gallop. All you have to do is believe in yourself and hold on for the ride of your life. Here’s what it looks like. If you want to feel it for yourself, you’ve just gotta come down!

Natural Spa Treatment

The surf was flat yesterday.. so some Amigas and I spent the day in the cloud forest of El Salvador for a little adventure. The Laguna de Alegría at the top of the inactive volcano offers a spa treatment that some people pay upwards of $100 for: a hot mud bath.

According to local legend, the lagoon was formed from mermaid tears. She cried so hard when the volcano erupted, she drown herself in the water.. and her spirit remains to this day.

For more stories by Jackie George, check out her blog.

Meet Amiga Jackie George

Jackie George is my new best female friend. Last November I got a random email from her saying she was a lifeguard, raft guide, and enthusiastic surfer looking for a couple weeks of work in Central America. She had just graduated from Humboldt State and was planning to take a big trip through Nicaragua and Costa Rica and wanted to pick up some extra money along the way. I happened to be on a road trip through Northern California at the time and met up with her for a few minutes over-looking the Humboldt surf spot called Camel Rock. My boyfriend Kim and I had slept in our truck the night before and showed up around 9am with coffee looking disheveled. Jackie was in her wetsuit, having already surfed, all bubbly smiling happy energy and I knew right away that she would be a perfect addition to our commune in Nicaragua! She started out with two weeks in January and after that I was determined to do whatever I could to not let her leave! Fortunately, it worked and she stayed the whole season and has agreed to come back in Fall. Stoked!
Everyone who meets her absolutely loves her. She is a gorgeous free-spirit with infectious positive energy who can smile through anything. You’ll love hanging out with her. Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean…

Best Wipeout Contest

The only thing I like better than an Amiga getting a great wave is an Amiga getting an awesome wipeout. I blew it and cleared out my hard drive most of the way through the season so this only represents a tiny fraction of the awesome wipeouts that we saw in the 2011/2012 season. I’ve chosen my top 4 favorites and now you get to vote for the best. The winner gets a new Freestyle watch. Vote in the comments here, on facebook, via email ( or follow the link to the youtube video and vote in the comments there. I’ll be tallying up the votes on Friday Aug 10!

Surfing for Pupusas in El Salvador

Pupusas are delicious treats- Tortillas filled with cheese and an assortment of other fillings, fried on an outdoor grill, enjoyed by saucy amigas after surfing a long right point break in El Salvador.

How To Make Tortillas While Surfing in Nicaragua

Question: How do you keep from making the tortillas too thick?
Answer: Lots of pounding!

Crystal and Jacquie demonstrate how to make tortillas in between catching super cute waves in Nicaragua.

Rebecca’s GoPro Adventures at Suave Dulce

Rebecca Elwell is into adventure. She dives with sharks, studies chinese medicine, and loves to surf. She came down to Nicaragua with Suave Dulce super excited about everything. With her trusty GoPro Camera mounted to her forehead she captured a ton of excitement including her runaway horse! Check it out, but don’t worry, runaway horses do not happen often!

Serious Beach Dancing

Beach dancing is not as easy as it sounds. It’s an uneven surface, it’s sandy, it takes practice and skill. At Suave Dulce we take beach dancing seriously. Very seriously….

Volcano Boarding is So Fun!

Volcano boarding is the most interesting thing you can do in Nicaragua. I could try to explain what it’s all about and why it is so fun, but it’s probably better if you just watch the video and let the ladies show you why it’s something you need to add to your bucket list! Click play to watch!

Holly Beck surfing and playing with her dogs at her new home in Nicaragua

Every morning I grab my surfboard and 4 dogs follow me down to the beach to play in the shorebreak while i paddle out and hopefully score a few tubes.


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