Racing Water Buffaloes in the Philippines

The first week we rode them, the second week we raced them. It’s pretty tricky to get them to go fast, but that’s the funny part! The hot tip from our local guide (and Argentinian horse woman) Julieta was crucial, “you’ve got to push with your ass!”

Julieta pushes with her ass!

Julieta pushes with her ass!

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Skating to Play with Baby Seals in the Galapagos

On a trip to the Galapagos Islands with Sector 9 Skateboards, pro surfers Holly Beck, Jen Smith, and Kim Mayer skate to play with baby seals. Future retreat location? Maybe….

Galloping on the Beach

If you’ve been to one of our Northern Nicaragua retreats then you know, galloping on the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. People are often nervous about it. We get plenty of ladies who haven’t been on a horse since they were a kid, or even never. They’re nervous about being able to control such a big powerful animal. But the horses we use are super well trained. They know the beach, they know the drill, and they love to gallop. All you have to do is believe in yourself and hold on for the ride of your life. Here’s what it looks like. If you want to feel it for yourself, you’ve just gotta come down!

Why Holly Stopped Competing

A lot of people ask me about it. “How long did you do the tour? Why did you stop?”

Here’s the answer in a nutshell.

Rocco the Rottweiler Rides a Green Wave

Rocco is a surfing Rottweiler at El Coco Loco Resort in Nicaragua. He loves ladies, chasing baby cows, and peanut butter toast. He’s been surfing a few years but recently caught his very first green wave. Just like humans, once he got that one, he became totally addicted to surfing! He’s super cute!

Horsebeats – Surfing and Galloping with Amigas

There’s nothing like galloping at full speed down the beach at sunset after a morning spent trying to catch the wave of your life. Think you wouldn’t be able to fully gallop down the beach on a horse? You’re wrong! Believe in yourself and you can do it! Just watch these ladies…

Beautiful Friends on Longboards

Jackie, Jamie, and Holly took out a new 9’2 Equinox longboard with a GoPro mount on the nose for a sunset session and captured some super cute moving pictures.

Holly Showing How It’s Done

Winter in Nicaragua is nice. Offshore winds, super fun waves, lots of Amigas. In between pushing Amigas into waves, I sometimes get a chance to sneak off and score a few fun waves by myself!

Hayla on Horses, Volcanoes, Iguanas, and Overcoming Fear

Hayla is the youngest of five sisters of which Holly Beck is the oldest. She learned to surf at 7 years old, but got annoyed by too many wipeouts and quit. At 19 years old, she came to Nicaragua to Surf With Amigas and rediscovered her love of surfing.

Painting a School with Waves of Hope

Surf With Amigas is mostly about surfing, yoga, and having awesome adventures with new friends, but we also like to help out the local community. We work closely with Waves of Hope – a non-profit working to improve the lives of local community members by focusing first on education on whatever project they have going on at the time. Right now they are engaged in re-vamping the local schools and making them more comfortable for learning. We took an afternoon to help clean, sand, and paint a middle school classroom.

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