Holly Demonstrates Backside Tube Riding

The backside tube ride is a particularly difficult maneuver requiring strength, flexibility, and fearlessness. When well executed there are few greater feelings. When poorly executed you can count on a sore neck! Here Holly demonstrates the proper technique for a clean backside tube ride complete with huge smile and dance at the end.
holly sick right frame

One Wave, One Turn, Holly Beck on a Rusty Dwart

This was my first ever session on what became one of my favorite surfboards – the Rusty Dwart. It’s still one of the funnest boards I’ve ever ridden. Flashback courtesy of JettyGirl.com

Surf Completely – How To Turtle Roll

If you surf a shortboard, you have the luxury of duckdiving to get under waves. If you ride a longboard, you want to turtle roll. We get a lot of Amigas who come down wanting to learn to ride a shorter board just so they can duckdive. Why sacrifice paddle power and glide just to duckdive? Learn how to Turtle Roll instead!
In this video, Jackie and Holly talk you through the best way to Turtle Roll and show a few ladies trying it out for themselves.

Holly’s Lazy Surf Session at Punta Mango

The day before the start of two Surf With Amigas Retreats in El Salvador, Holly stopped at Punta Mango for a relaxing session. Not trying too hard, just flowing with the waves, and having fun.

Surf Completely : How To Duck Dive

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally finished – the Duck Dive Tutorial! Holly Beck, pro surfer and coach at Surf With Amigas explains how to do a duck dive and analyzes footage of Amigas trying it so you can see what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

Holly Skateboards and Releases a Fish in the “Are You Free” – Music Video

The Mother Hips are my favorite band, purveyors of musical California Soul that have released 8 albums in a career spanning 20 years. Their sound goes perfectly with driving along Highway 1 with the window down, hair blowing in the breeze, on your way to check the surf. If you like Sierra Nevada swilling, cowboy boot wearing, and California coastal cruising, you will love The Mother Hips. Do yourself a favor and go to the website, download some tunes, load up your van with single fins, firewood, and a good set of hiking boots, grab a few friends and take off on a road trip with a soundtrack that will keep you jamming the whole way there and back again, then come back and let me know what you think.

They recently released a new album that has become my favorite – Behind Beyond, which you can sample for free on their website.

A few years back I was honored to star in a music video for the song “Are You Free”. During the filming, I ended up with two sprained ankles plus several stitches across my knee cap, but it was well worth the experience. You can read that story here.

MHips17mhips ate shit

So practice your skateboarding, you never know when your favorite band leader will call you up and ask you to bomb down a hill!

Holly Beck’s Morning Surf Ritual

The waves aren’t perfect every day. Sometimes it’s small and kinda closed out, lumpy, and plagued by riptides. But the sunrise is beautiful, the beach is empty, the water is warm. Even if the waves aren’t firing, the surf lifestyle is awesome. On this day, I took my two dogs for a sunrise surf session, caught a few little waves, and just appreciated the moments.

Holly Beck Surfs and Skates in Ecuador

A couple years ago Holly took a trip to Ecuador with the Sector 9 girl’s team and scored with miles of uncrowded beach break, warm water, and great long smooth hills for skateboarding. One day we might even head back there with a group of Amigas.

Would you be excited about a retreat to Ecuador? Let us know by posting a comment!189845_10150151936366411_561376410_8830062_3022682_n

Surf Completely – How to Turn (Use your boobs!)

In the first episode of our new series “Surf Completely” Holly Beck talks about how to turn your surfboard. This is the first step of learning to surf after the very basic part of standing up and riding is mastered. Watch and learn and remember to “use your boobs!”

Best Bikini Bottoms for Surfing!

If you’ve ever surfed in a bikini, you know it’s a bummer to have to keep pulling up your bikini bottoms in between duck dives. Fortunately Body Glove makes a bikini with a draw string in the waist. Before you paddle out, cinch it up, and then paddle out worry-free!
Holly Beck puts the Body Glove Wave Rider bikini bottom to the test in Nicaragua!

To shop for your own Body Glove bikini, click the image below!

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