Holly Beck surfing and playing with her dogs at her new home in Nicaragua

Every morning I grab my surfboard and 4 dogs follow me down to the beach to play in the shorebreak while i paddle out and hopefully score a few tubes.

Music: http://www.motherhips.com

Best Attitude Award – Surfing With A Broken Leg

Kelly Latimer injured her leg on her very first wave. She bravely walked and surfed throughout the week thinking she had just sprained something then got home and found out it was broken! Check out her story! Best Attitude for sure!


Surfing Silliness

It’s all about fun!

The Mother Hips

Feeding and clothing the kids at the dump

After hurricane Mitch, the Nicaraguan government relocated newly homeless villagers next to the dump. Without land to farm or any way to sustain themselves they took to scavenging. Anything still with life in it is put to use. Bottles and cans are sold for pennies per pound for recycling. Clean water, like most other resources, is scarce.

 Despite their unfortunate situation, the people are beautiful.
A church group sets up a food kitchen at the local school once a week to feed community members who show up with bowls, buckets, anything to hold the little bit of food. The day we visited the meal consisted of chicken noodle soup, with chicken heads and feet as meat. The kids made a line, said a prayer, and were grateful for the food.
We brought clothing to donate and plenty of smiles to share. It was an important reminder for all of us of how good we have it.

For a short video clip of the experience, click play below:

Help us feed these kids.

Surfing from a Boat in Nicaragua

At Suave Dulce, we can walk, drive, or boat to a variety of super fun breaks. Check it out!

Kim Mayer loves Nicaragua

Kim Mayer is one of my favorite people on the planet. Wait til you meet her! She’ll become one of your favorites too!


Fun Waves, Warm Water, Welcome to Nicaragua


Pro Surfer Holly Beck Opens Surf and Yoga Retreat

Photo by Nikki Brooks

        After spending the last ten years traveling the world for contests and photo shoots, pro surfer Holly Beck will combine her passions for surfing, yoga, and inspiring others to present a unique opportunity for female surfers. Ladies of all ages and surfing abilities will be invited to travel to surf uncrowded waves in warm water while receiving professional-quality coaching and friendly encouragement from one of the icons of the sport.

      Suave Dulce Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreat will initially be based in a beautiful beachfront home in Nicaragua, but will eventually offer multiple locations throughout Central America and further abroad. Guests will spend time surfing, practicing yoga, eating deliciously healthy cuisine, and also be presented with opportunities to interact with and positively impact the lives of local community members. Beck is partnering with several non-profits already at work within the country to allow visitors the chance to make their vacation more meaningful by doing some good and sharing smiles. Some possible projects include making art and music with local school children, bringing lunches to the poor kids that live at the dump, building water purification systems, and planting trees.

       Another main difference between Suave Dulce and other camps is the experience and abilities of the founder. Unlike other women’s surf camps where the instructors and guides are often only intermediate surfers themselves, guests at Suave Dulce will be coached exclusively by professional surfers including Holly Beck and her friends.

       “The thing I miss most about doing the tour is going surfing with my friends, who happen to be some of the best female surfers in the world. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to bring them down to Nicaragua to surf great waves in warm water and help me inspire other ladies to achieve their goals in surfing while also having a positive impact on the local community,” said Beck.
Suave Dulce will open in April 2010.
For more information, see www.surfwithhollybeck.com or contact at suavedulce@gmail.com.

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