Giving Back

Through Surf With Amigas I have been proud to be able to support a variety of awesome organizations doing good in the communities that I love. Surf With Amigas has been supporting baby sea turtle conservation in Nicaragua for at least 8 years (it’s hard to keep track of how long it’s been, it’s been so long!). Here’s a video from seven years ago describing the sea turtle project in Nicaragua. It is still going strong today, but needs funding support since tourism is currently not possible in Nicaragua and all the normal funding sources have dried up.

Supporting Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Several years ago, Surf With Amigas began also supporting a similar sea turtle conservation program in Costa Rica. There we are partnered with Tortugas Punta Banco with the same mission. 

Art Therapy for Kids in Pavones

Last year we began supporting an art therapy project for kids in the remote Southern Costa Rican town of Pavones. In this town there are unfortunately not any extracurricular activities for kids. In many cases, this can be a kid’s first experience with art. Providing a safe space for kids to explore expressing themselves with a supportive teacher makes a huge impact on their self-esteem and ultimately their community.

You can help!

Unfortunately, due to COVID, we aren’t able to run any retreats right now which is normally how we generate funds to support these organizations. We did just create a gofundme to try to raise some extra love to help these organizations continue their projects during this time. If you can, we thank you in advance for your support!

Click here to help: GOFUNDME

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