Surfboards are incredibly complicated.

There are so many little differences that all work together to contribute to the feel of your ride. Length, width, thickness are just the beginning. There’s also bottom contour, tail shape, rail shape, materials, and fins! There’s a lot to know, but it’s also really fun to get into the little differences and start to pay attention to how subtle changes between boards make a difference in how the board feels to ride.

Fins can be changed to change your ride

Fins are another factor that in most cases can easily be swapped out to adjust the feel of your board. If you are looking for more speed or more control, changing your fins may make all the difference. I have a whole lecture on what makes fins works, some history of how they have been developed over the decades, and what might work best for you depending on the waves that you typically ride.

Different boards for different waves

I love having a diverse quiver that will prepare me for any types of conditions including boredom. When surfing every day, it’s fun to mix it up and try something different just to challenge your mind and body to adapt to something new. I’ll go over my quiver and talk about why each board is included.

How to shop for a board

I remember shopping for a surfboard at a surf shop could be a little intimidating. I give some tips on what to look for and what to ask so that you feel confident and don’t let a shop employee talk you into something that may not be right for you just so he can make a sale.

Why bigger might be better

Many times, people think that shorter is better. So often people tell me “I ride an 8′ but I really want to get down to a shortboard”. In this clip I’ll explore that and discuss possible reasons for the goal to go shorter and also some arguments against the fascination with shortboards.

Sound interesting? Join my class please!

I have a 10 day class that will include 4 videos. The class is not live. You’ll have access to the content immediately and for a period of a month after signing up via the class platform. During the ten days you can ask me any questions on the content and I’m happy to discuss with you. Send me pics of your boards and any questions you have about them specifically or a board you might want to add to your quiver.

This has been a very fun way for me to support myself and my family in this time when borders are closed and we are not able to host retreats. I do very much appreciate your support and look forward to the opportunity to share my knowledge of surfing with you!

Sign up by clicking the link below

Link to the class here: 

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