Pop-Up Clinic

The popup is the most important maneuver in surfing in that it sets up your entire ride. A good popup will set you off cruising down the line whereas a bad popup will consistently hold back your surfing. The good thing is that an excellent popup can be trained and is probably the easiest thing in surfing to fix.

I’ve created an online course to teach you how to do a mechanically correct pop-up or refine your existing skills.

The course features an initial lecture that will go over all the elements of a solid popup. I’ll mention some common errors people make and how to avoid them. I’ll demonstrate ways to practice on land. THEN, you’ll have the opportunity to film yourself, send me clips, and I’ll give you personalized feedback. We will go back and forth until you get it! I have additional videos to add for better understanding as we go.

Join me!

For more info and to sign up for this class, click here. If you don’t see an available start date that works for you, send me a message for a custom class. Here’s a video teaser….

Pop-Up Clinic with Holly Beck

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