Picking the right surfboard can be challenging. Ideally you’d test drive before you buy, but unfortunately that’s rarely an option. I get a lot of ladies asking me for advice on the perfect board. It seems that most advanced beginners (someone who can paddle beyond the whitewash and is trying to catch green waves) are dealing with similar issues. They want to be able to ride a board small enough to duckdive but big enough to allow them to catch a wave.

That perfect combination can be a tricky thing to find. I often see ladies picking boards that are too small for them just so that they can duckdive, but what good is getting out past the whitewash if the board is too small to get them into waves?

The solution: get a Rusty Dwart!

The Dwart is a surfboard model by Rusty Surfboards that is relatively short, wide, and thick. It’s short enough to duckdive, but still wide enough to have sufficient volume for paddling into waves and gliding across mushy sections. Most Dwarts come with 5 fin boxes so you can experiment with the fast and loose feel of a quad setup, or the traditional but stiffer tri-fin.

See video above for Lindsay talking about why she loves her Dwart as she shreds on wave after wave in El Salvador.

If you want to see why I love my Dwart, click play below!

9 Comments on “Surfboard Reviews – The Rusty Dwart

  1. Hey Holly,
    How do you size what board is suitable for someone?

    • Hi Talitha,
      Choosing the right size can be tricky. It’s all about, height, weight, and paddle power. It would be hard for me to say what size you should order without seeing you surf. But in general, I would say you should order your Dwart to be about 7″ shorter than your standard shortboard. For example, I ride a 5’11” shortboard, but my Dwart is 5’4″. I hope that helps!
      : )

      • Cheers Holly,
        Ofcourse, gotta factor it all in! I have gone 5” inches shorter than my shortboard so should be a nice little challenge πŸ™‚ All I need now is some waves! I’ve written you a mail but not sure if its sent. Thanks again Holly πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Holly I was hoping you could help me out. Im riding a 6’4 NSP fish just now but looking at getting the dwart. Does this ‘upgrade’ make sense to you or should I just stick with my fish/get a proper shortboard? Also, Im 5 foot and 116pounds. I can find the 6’0 or 5’6 second hand. Which would you recommend? I thought 5’6 might be a bit small but not sure if 6’0 is too big! Thanks alot

    • hi kirsten,
      this upgrade does make sense. NSPs are great starter boards but the Dwart will help you take it to the next level. you’ll love the speed and looseness of the quad fin setup. since you’re only 5′ and 116 lbs, i would think that you’d be ok on the 5’6″, but the TDwart is a narrower version of the Dwart, so i think it would be a safer step-down to go with the 6’0 dwart. After a year you could probably step down further.
      Come surf with us so we can help you get better in person!
      : )

  3. Hey thanks for your reply! That makes sense! I can get the 5’6/5’8/5’10 dwart for abut $250 more than the 6’0. Would you reckon it makes sense in the long run to fork out the cash or at this stage will there really be very little in it between the two? I would LOVE to come surf with you guys….better get saving πŸ˜‰ Thanks again x

    • with that big of a cost difference, it sounds like you should start with the 6’0. then in a year you can always go down further. send us a photo of you with your new board when you get it!
      : )

  4. A great custom surfboard shaper from Huntington Beach is a guy named Chris Carrozza. I dont think he is originally from HB but he shapes there now and I have heard great things about his boards.

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