Jackie George has been working with me this season teaching amigas how to become better surfers. She is super awesome, super smart, super cute, and well, just downright super! She wrote the following about her new favorite bikini company – Ola Chica. Check it out and if you’re looking for a new bikini that can handle duckdives, wipeouts, and looking hot on the beach, check them out!


Last April, we were running a couple of women’s surf and yoga retreats in El Salvador. We were there for about three weeks, and the entire time we surfed perfect point-break right handers twice a day, everyday. I rotated between my only two bikinis that I know would stay on because I did not want any embarrassing slip-ups in front of all the retreat girls, hot surfers that flew down for the swell, and tons of local photographers trying to sell us photos.

The last three days we were there, a few girls from California appeared in the line-up that were shredding in super cute bikinis. One of the girls, Aylana, was telling me about her bathing suit line called, Ola Chica. She has surfed all over the warm oceans, and was sick of the same bikini problems that so many of us face, so she created her own line. All of her suits have a draw string in the waist (brilliant), tops that stay put, and some bottoms even have key pockets. And they’re cute! You can tie the waist tight and double-knotted when you surf, then loosen it when you come in (no awkward muffin tops). Mine works perfectly for surfing, but still has a Brazilian cut that doesn’t make me feel like a grandma. My new go-to bathing suit has proven solid through many wipeouts and late duck-dives. The suits are functional, fashionable, and affordable. Visit the Ola Chica website (http://www.olachica.com) and check out the video below that we shot on our last day of the trip. Thanks, Aylana! Stoked.

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