Kelly Latimer is an inspirational character. She flies jets as a test pilot and was one step away from becoming an astronaut. She’s super smart, super funny, and super fun to hang out with! A member of the Huntington Beach based women’s surfing club Wahine Kai, she came to the very first Suave Dulce retreat when it was held at the infamous House Hunters house! All the girls were super fired up to get in the water right out of the airport taxi and rushed out into the warm ocean. Before I had even gotten all the girls organized with boards, wax, leashes, etc., I was informed that we already had an injury. What?! Kelly had somehow broken something in her leg. She was an absolute trooper, thinking it was just a sprained ankle, she carried on and walked all over the place and surfed in a tripod style (that I would copy when I broke my foot a year later). To see footage of her first trip:

She needed redemption! She came back to El Salvador and I actually got to see her stand and ride. She was ripping. See video at the top of the post.

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