Jackie George is hanging out with Suave Dulce and ready to become your new favorite amiga! She learned to surf as a kid at San Onofre, growing up in the wave rich town of San Clemente, CA. After graduating high school, she moved up to the cold waters of Northern CA to attend college at Humboldt State, partly to be closer to her namesake “Aunt Jackie”, an awesome woman living solo on 300 acres in the woods who has made friends with wild stallions and eats daily out of her organic garden.

Jackie has worked as a lifeguard in San Clemente and a rafting guide in NorCal, but is loving her current job in Northern Nicaragua. She is always smiling and laughing. She can cross-step to the nose, and crank a bottom turn on a green twin-fin.

Come down and surf with us!

5 Comments on “New Surf Instructor – Meet Jackie George

  1. Awesome Jax! I wish I could sneak down there for a surf lesson or two.

  2. Who doesn’t want to go to Suave Dolce and cut some waves with Jackie George ! Your a natural dolphin and lookin good, sign me up!

  3. Just came back from Suave Dulce (best surf trip ever!) and I have to say that Jackie is AWESOME! Learned so much from her in the water and really improved my surfing. Jackie, you rock!!

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