Imagine this for your winter break in High School – two awesome teachers take you and 16 of your friends down to Northern Nicaragua for an incredible week of surfing, yoga, horseback riding, volcano boarding, and helping the community by building a new school room for local 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Sound too good to be true? Not if you’re one of these kids…

Two teachers from the public charter school High Tech High in San Diego did exactly that. 17 Freshman and Sophmores came down to Suave Dulce for 10 days of eye-opening adventure.

A few knew how to surf already like Jake Stutz (shown above ripping and painting), who was busting airs and trying to improve his cutback, but most were learning to stand up for the first time.

Lizzie and Sierra fell in love with riding horses on the beach and after asking very nicely, got to do it twice! Maya made a heart-shaped corn tortilla, Nico represented the boys at yoga, and Jadon and Zeek showed off their upper thighs by stealing the girls’ short shorts. Apparently, that’s the new skater style these days, along with calling everyone “daddy”.

Aside from the silliness and adventure, the kids made serious progress on the new school room. They shoveled rocks, learned to mix cement, did some painting, and dug a massive trench that will bring drinking water to future students. There were a few impressive blisters and everyone went home with a new appreciation for construction workers.

Most promised to return next year, if not sooner!
If you’d like to come down with your school for a week of fun and giving back, email us at

Check out the videos below for more…

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