Dear Holly,

I do not know how to properly thank you for the gifts you have given me. Within one short week, I feel like you were able to awaken a part of my soul that was dormant.

Before I came down to Nicaragua, I felt lost without a purpose or plan. Granted, even though I am only twenty two, it was not a great feeling to feel like the world was spinning without you. After having met you and experiencing the positive environment you have created, my lack of direction seems to matter less. I feel like I better understand what’s important in the world: supporting others, creating positive and unforgettable experiences, and daring to be great.

I know I certainly wasn’t the best surfer at the camp, but I appreciated how you gave me the same time, counsel, and support as the other girls. I am still riding on the high from paddling out the back with you on Saturday. Conquering that fear was an eye opener. With the right people around, you can do anything.

Your lifestyle, constant desire for adventure and demand for pushing limits is also inspiring. You are one tough woman on a mission! I already miss the simplicity of El Coco Loco already and hope to one day come back and experience that wonderland again.

I know you’re a very busy woman (with slow internet connection 😉 but I hope we can stay in touch. It’s not very often you meet people who are as positive, adventurous, or comfortable with themselves as you are.

Please let me know about Ecuador! I hope your dog is feeling better (and that your boy made it safely back to Nica)!

Until next time!

All the best,
Hilary Billings

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