To Suave Dulce,

I just wanted to quickly pop in say a huge – and I mean HUGE thank you for a making my first trip to Nicaragua a trip I will never forget. What a treat it was to be able to wake up to the sound of the waves, not to mention the natural alarm clock of the birds outside. The past two days, I have opened my eyes to only see concrete walls of my apartment and to the sound of cars. Yes, hot showers and flushing toilets are nice (though I’ve found myself hesitating to flush – ha) but for a lack of better word, being back home has royally SUCKED ASS.

Even though I’m still just a beginner, surfing has taught me so much about life in general; every wave is different and so I need to be flexible and adjust accordingly. The harder I fight things, sometimes the more difficult it gets – and even if I fall, all I need to do is just get right back up on my board because there is always another wave waiting for me. I may get tumbled under water and have no idea what’s happening, but if I just stop and take a moment to surrender, eventually – and naturally, I will find my way up and it’s all going to be okay.

What made this trip even more memorable was to be able to see all the “GOOD” that el Coco Loco and Waves of Hope are doing for the local community. I have walked away from this trip not only feeling touched – but truly inspired by the amazing work and love they are giving back and hope that one day, when I get my “big girl job” back, that I will be able to due my part in making a difference, even if it is to help one little boy or girl at a time. With that said, I will do my best to spread the word about Waves of Hope to my friends and family as well as your camp – but will also be sure to be slightly selective so I don’t crowd the secret and perfect surf spot you have found on the map 🙂

Thank you again for allowing me to have an amazing opportunity to see the world and learn through surfing – and being an awesome & inspiring woman, Holly! I hope this week will be just as much fun as last week and please tell everyone I said hello and I miss them already!

With love, dreams and hopes of making a difference,

2 Comments on “Ako Matsuzaki’s Thank You Letter

  1. nicely put Ako!! i wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. it’s been a great trip and coming back to reality has been …real strange to say the least. Thanks again Holly!

  2. Well said Ako! It truely was a life changing experience. Being there made me realize that I had lost touch with many of the things that I used to love as I became so focused on my career. My career is still important to me but now I’m making sure to take time for myself and getting back into hobbies and activities I once loved. I’ve been inspired to study Spanish again and I’ve had a close eye on the Florida surf report and plan to make more trips once the surf gets better. Also have my eye on a used funboard 🙂 Even though I was very sad to leave I came back home a much happier person and I can’t thank you enough!

    Until next time…


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