After she spent the past decade crisscrossing the globe for surf competitions, you’d think that Holly Beck would want to finally settle down back home in California.

Think again.

When Beck isn’t surfing, skating or swimming with sharks in far-flung places like China and the Galapagos Islands, you’ll usually find her in a rugged area of northern Nicaragua. That’s where she’s built a solar-electricity-powered house, works with a local community organization and runs a women’s surf, adventure and volunteer camp.

“My favorite part of pro tour was all of the fun, crazy times I had with my amigas,” Beck said. “I wanted to re-create that experience in a country that I fell love in with.” Her laid-back attitude and passion for the environment spread across all aspects of her life, including her philosophy toward food. Here, she shares the meal she regularly digs into post-surf.

What’s the dish: Fish tacos and guacamole with a “chunky monkey” smoothie.

What’s in it: Fresh-caught fish tacos with homemade tortillas, plus chips with guacamole made from avocados mashed with tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos plucked from the garden. “Since the closest grocery store is about an hour’s drive away, most of our meals are made from fresh, local and organic ingredients,” Beck said. She washes it down with a smoothie made from low-fat milk, banana, peanut butter and chocolate syrup — a specialty of El Coco Loco, the eco-resort where Beck hosts many of her surf camps.

When it’s on the table: At lunch, often. Since the best waves are early in the morning, Beck’s breakfast is quick and light. “I have toast with peanut butter, sliced banana and a touch of honey with a super-strong cup of coffee and a few big gulps of water,” she said. So after spending three or four hours surfing or teaching lessons, Beck’s ready for a hearty meal.

What it delivers: The fish provides lean protein, while the guacamole serves up vitamins C and E and heart-healthy fats. Meanwhile, studies show that the chocolate-milk combo in the smoothie provides the perfect amount of carbs and protein to refuel muscles. “It tastes like a good-for-you dessert,” Beck said.

Why she loves it: “I try to have organic, locally sourced foods as much as possible,” Beck said. “They’re not only more delicious, but better for the environment and our bodies.” But her lunch shows that eating consciously and healthfully doesn’t have to come at the expense of your taste buds. Organic
foods are becoming more and more common and no longer need to be purchased from specifically designated organic foods stores. Most grocery stores now have an entire section devoted to organic foods and include everything from nuts, granola, fruits and vegetables to chips, cereal and even frozen foods such as pizza.
“Health starts in your mind,” she said. “So freshly fried tortilla chips with homemade guacamole has a place, too. It’s all about finding balance.”

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