Michelle Steffes came to a retreat a few months ago and stood up on her first wave on day 1. After a few days acquainting herself with the ocean, her board, and her pop-up, she became determined to paddle outside and catch a “green” wave. By the end of the week, after a lot of great support and coaching, she achieved her goal.
A few weeks after her trip, she was inspired to write the following.
Thanks Michelle!

Headed out for one last wave before sunset.

I sit on my board
And watch the wave rise up and tower over me
White foam beginning to crest at the peak
“Uh oh,” I whisper
From miles below

A moment later
As I hang upside down
In the churning maelstrom
One leg yanked roughly toward shore
By the leash around my ankle
The other throbbing from a fresh wound
Lungs aching for air
And ears popping painfully

I think about the choices I’ve made in my life
The many times I’ve lingered sideways
In the path of tsunamis
Paralyzed by indecision

Neither intrepid enough
To charge toward shore
Leap to my feet
And ride to victory

Nor sensible enough
To give up early
Hold my breath
Dive for the sea floor and curl into a ball
While I wait for the worst of the destruction to pass.

Michelle, confidently up and riding on a nice little insider.

2 Comments on “Life Lessons from Surfing

  1. You’re awesome Michelle, good job! There’s nothing like getting over that fear and standing up…congratulations and beautiful poem 🙂

  2. Great poem michelle. It’s so true. I find so many analogies about life in a single surf session….
    fear can grip and paralyze. It’s so empowering for women to learn to surf and handle such a powerful, mutable, massive force as the ocean.

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