Meg “Margarita” Boren is an inspiring woman. She first came to Nicaragua in 1999 as a volunteer nurse working with a local doctor to provide care to remote villages without access to electricity or potable water. She fell in love with the people and decided she had to stay.

Living in a tent for 8 months while a house was being built she founded Circle of Empowerment , a grass roots project focusing on the development of resources that help the people help themselves in the areas of health, education, and economic development.

Meg "Margarita" Boren, the force behind Circle of Empowerment

Working with donations, other NGOs, and public programs within Nicaragua, she has opened a health clinic, provided a school bus, and created a high school program and library in a community that previously had none of those things.

Margarita, giving a tour of the clinic and explaining her program to a group of Suave Dulce guests.

Margarita’s programs focus heavily on education and developing leadership from within the local communities to assure community buy-in and program sustainability.

Giving donations for the local kids to Margarita.

During each retreat we will visit Margarita’s clinic to hear her story and be inspired by her energy.

A few of the local kids that benefit from Margarita's clinic

To learn more or donate to Circle of Empowerment, click here or email for more information.

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