Dear Holly,
This trip has honestly been the best surf trip of my life!!!! And I can say luckily that i’ve had a few. You are so great, and meeting you and having been able to just hang out with you like friends has been such a great experience for me. I was so hyper-excited! I still am, I am telling everybody how great the trip was.

I learned a lot! I am remembering all the tips you told me. I went out surfing at Caballeros yesterday with Christian and he saw me get one great wave and he was so stoked, he told me he really thought I have improved! It is amazing I didn’t think it but I was so much more calm he said – like more calm and fluid and smooth and I was so happy! I was thinking about doing good bottoms and just going up to down and I got two great turns. It was so amazing and I was so glad he said that he told me I should go to Nicaragua at least once a year… and I think I should too!!!

I wanted to thank you so much for that, I want to surf as much as I can and remember all great tips you told me. I am trying to watch more the waves and do great selections…

I have met so many great friends in the trip, it was really such a great crew…!!! They where all just really so awesome…!!!

Everything has been great, the whole trip really surpassed any expectation I could have had. The cocoloco was great and the coco loco guys there where so geat, and victor was amazing, I surfed with him 6am my last day and he was saying to me, that I could take all his waves as it was my last day! How great is he?!

I really hope we can keep in touch you really are so great I totally look up to you! Thanks, Magali

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