After hurricane Mitch, the Nicaraguan government relocated newly homeless villagers next to the dump. Without land to farm or any way to sustain themselves they took to scavenging. Anything still with life in it is put to use. Bottles and cans are sold for pennies per pound for recycling. Clean water, like most other resources, is scarce.

 Despite their unfortunate situation, the people are beautiful.
A church group sets up a food kitchen at the local school once a week to feed community members who show up with bowls, buckets, anything to hold the little bit of food. The day we visited the meal consisted of chicken noodle soup, with chicken heads and feet as meat. The kids made a line, said a prayer, and were grateful for the food.
We brought clothing to donate and plenty of smiles to share. It was an important reminder for all of us of how good we have it.

For a short video clip of the experience, click play below:

Help us feed these kids.

One Comment on “Feeding and clothing the kids at the dump

  1. i would like to help and interested in surfing also. thanks, Marla

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